Expansion Joint : Teflon Bellows Expansion Joints
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Features   [top]

HIC-Flexpan TEFLON Joint can be used under continuous temperatures from -100 degree C to 260 degree C and pressure from Vacuum to 35kg/cm2.(Max. 500psi)

HIC-Flexpan TEFLON Joints can be used for nearly all chemicals (about 99%) in practical use. The only chemicals known to react with them are the molten alkali metals, turbulent liquid or gaseous fluorine.

TEFLON Joints never lose their properties with age regardless of service conditions or environment.

TEFLON endures a large number of stress cycles under continuous bending and vibration because of its flexibility.

Excellent anti-stick properties of teflon facilitate smooth flow of sticky fluids, Even the narrow inner wall of a joint and cleaned easily.

Economical Advantages   [top]

TEFLON expansion flexible joints serve semi-permanently even under severe conditions without and maintenance and contribute considerably to the economic operation of equipment.

Conventional metal or rubber expansion joints have to be replaced frequently due to their short service duration. Process are sometimes shut down and production loss just for expansion joint replacement. TEFLON joints are very seldom replaced and consequently contribute to downtime reduction.

Product Range   [top]

Size from 1' - 12' Special 1500 pie(60 degree C)

Number of convolution : standard are 2, 3, 5, 7 & 10

Special 15 - 30 conv. On request.

Max. length : 500mm L (SPECIAL MAX 6000mm L)